Los Angeles based artist whose passion for art and creativity has led him to a life of paint covered hands, jumping from one wall to the next. After years spent working for larger mural painting companies and training with expert sign painters, I felt it was time to start my own business and take my passion to another level. Having the desire to do things my own way, the eager for challenge, and the determination as an artist to grow and take my work to the next level, I started Float Boater Murals in 2018. Now, I may not have a list of large, recognizable companies that we’ve provided our services for [yet), but I do have a long list of satisfied customers that have attained my services multiple times. I am passionate about what I do and am determined to continue to make constant progress as a company and as an artist.


To be able to give people the opportunity to add artwork to their space at a decent price. My main goal is to get to a place where I’m able to use my position with my company to help young artists reach their potential and grow their skill and teach them enough so they can pursue their own dreams of an art career. I want to give artists a chance to see what their capable of and help them get to the next level.

Personal Mission, “constant progress, make a difference, and give what I can!”

Art by damnitgabe
Aka Gabriel Flores


Born & raised in Los Angeles, my interest in the arts started at a very early age. I used my creativity as an escape, an outlet, and an opportunity to be myself, especially when I was introduced to graffiti art. I felt I had found true artistic freedom and my passion in life. As a result, I was able to pour myself into my work and there was no limit to the possibilities and no rules to the game. That’s when I started really feeling the passion that began to fuel my drive to chase my dream and make a career of what, back then, was more often than not referred to as nothing but vandalism and a waste of time.

I began taking the route that we’re all taught we must take to make something of ourselves and started studying art. After visiting art colleges that I was thinking about transferring to, I lost interest and became discouraged since I didn’t want to sit in a class all day and listen to someone tell me how to do my thing. Don’t get me wrong, I know there’s a lot of good and benefits From what those lessons would have taught me, and who knows, maybe I’d be better equipped had I stayed, but it just wasn’t for me.

So, I hit the streets. Learned on my own, getting tips here and there From other artists and learning from what I saw, in black books and in magazines and allowing my environment to play a large roll in where my art went and what my style became. I Found a type of beauty in the shadows, the silence of a city sleeping in the darkness of back-alley ways. There’s a beauty in the chaos, there’s light in the darkness, and it’s all love. I dedicated most of my time to craft my passion and it put me out there and let the world know I was here.

After years of dreaming, I crossed paths with a very talented and hardworking artist who had built an empire: a well-established and respected mural painting company which she was expanding into my area. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to work for her company. I learned a lot working as a member of her team, as Far as, doing things on a more professional level and picked up many new technics and skills which gave me some good experience to have under my belt over the years. But I sought more training, and I was eager to learn more about the art of sign painting, by working with/ —for a master of the craft who was kind enough to take me under her wing and teach me all that she knew.

Now, I don’t claim to know it all by any means. I’ve still got a lot to learn and I’m doing just that with every job I take. I always give it my all and I’m determined to improve my skills, make constant progress and ensure that every one of my clients is happy and satisfied with my work. l’m ready to serve you with any and all your mural and or sign painting needs at an affordable cost that comes with a professional quality.


I paint murals, signage as well as commission canvas work, everything From portraits/pet portraits, to landscapes, abstract pieces. I can also create a custom design/canvas for you with your direction. Our team can transform any area by adding style and color to otherwise boring blank spaces.

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