Always looking to add to the team and or collaborate with other skilled artists. If you’re interested in working with Float Boater Murals, please email me with a brief description of who you are and why you think you’d like to work with us. Also, please provide any work that shows that you have some experience in the arts and your skill level. A lack of experience will not disqualify you from the position, as long as you have some skills and the right attitude.


Keep in mind, this job does require that you be on your Feet for long amounts of Lime. You will also be around paint fumes constantly, and sometimes we have to be high up on scissor lifts or boom lifts. If you have a fear of heights, this job might not be right for you.

We’re looking for passionate artists who are looking to do this for a living and grow with our team.

Compensation will depend on experience.

Only Passionate, driven and skilled artists should apply!


Los Angeles artist just tryin to do the damn thing. Mural and sign painter.


Let our so called artists create something beautiful for you

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