Many things go into pricing of a mural. as there are many variables and every project is different. Everything from the surface that is to be painted on, to the amount of colors and the type of materials required can affect the price. However, the main factors that determines the price of the project are my time for the project and the fixed costs that I would have to take on for it. I use nothing but high quality materials to insure you get the best looking and longest lasting artwork possible, but keep in mind the cost of paint does add up quickly and generally accounts for up to 50% of your price. These pricing examples are just based on the average cost and are meant to give you a general idea off what you might have to pay.

That being said I do have a minimum of $700, and a minimum size requirement of 50 square feet. My pricing is always fair and I’m always happy to provide a breakdown of the costs if requested. Because we are still fairly new as a business (3.5 years old) and still getting established, I do generally charge less then most mural painting companies. Although, I assure you that I do not lack experience since I have dedicated my life to my craft and I’ve been doing murals for over 20 years now and spent numerous years working for some of the best mural and sign painting companies out there in. As I continue to grow my team, I can assure you that I will not employ anything but skilled artists who are passionate about what they do, dedicated to making the client happy, reliable, and professional.


Minimum $600
$14-$22 per square foot (depending intricacy)
Minimum Price: Murals sized 50 Square Feet: Flat Price is $700

Pricing starts at $14 per square foot and decreases with increased size of mural; at 250sf price drops to $12/sf – at 500 sf drops to $10/sf for medium intricacy piece, for high intricacy price per square foot increases by $4($18/sf), and for complex designs increase by $8 ($22/sf)

(Square Foot is determined by multiplying the height x width of the painting surface)

*Price per square foot may increase if design requested is complex. This will be indicated in price quote and determined at the time that the final sketch is approved.

Mural Pricing – Prices per Unit Size (sample sizes)

10ft x 5ft 50ft. $700.00
12ft x 6ft 100ft. $1400.00
20ft x 6ft 120ft. $1680.00
10ft x 15ft 150ft. $2100.00
10ft. x 20ft. 200ft. $2,400.00
15ft. x 20ft. 300ft. $3,600.00
16ft. x 25ft 400ft $4,800.00
18ft. x 28ft. 504ft. $5,040.00

*Additional work due to adverse conditions on surface that requires extraneous labor will be charged extra, by the hour, at a rate of $50.00 / hour, and sometimes cannot be determined until after the job has begun.

**Necessary equipment rental, travel and other expenses will be added to final price.

***if working on a tighter budget, let me know what you’re working with and if possible I can design accordingly and perhaps we can work something out.

**** if design is simple and basic, for example silhouettes, simple geometric shapes and such I will price accordingly.


Please let me know the following

  • Location and what it needs to say.
  • The size of letters you’d like (height at its tallest point).
  • Font desired (by name) , if you do not know can provide you endless options.
  • If any outlines, shading or drop shadows are required.
  • Desired layout, if any logos or designs are to be included (if so please attach Vector file of image if possible).
  • Placement (above door, eye level on side wall etc).
  • Let me know of any details I should know about such as corrugated surface, metal surfaces, rough stucco,, current condition of surface if not paint ready.

Any pictures always help!


Canvas commission rates vary depending request, please email me with details including size, style, requested medium (if any), deadline, and any pictures of design or style or subject (if any).

Once I get these details I can give you a quote for your project.


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